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Pop Quiz: 3-D Printers in Schools

There has been more than a bit of buzz around 3-D printing in the last few years. This technology promises to revolutionize manufacturing on small scales, in the way 2-D printing made it easier to run ones own business from home. It also has promise for educators and students, especially …

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RR: 19 May 2013

Hello, selfless bringers of knowledge! Happy Sunday to you. The Freedom from Religion Foundation claims that the instructor of a Ball State University course called “The Boundaries of Science” is using the class to “proselytize students and advance Christianity.” Neat! Here’s some more “whoopsie, everyone is cheating on those standardized tests” …

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“Let the Students Decide for Themselves”: Or, Don McLeroy Is Full of What Makes the Grass Grow Green in Texas

I recommend that everyone listen to the interview with Don McLeroy in last week’s episode of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. I also recommend that you keep breakables safely out of reach and have your favorite antacid tabs at hand. (Not the homeopathic ones.) Maybe also booze if that helps. …

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Science Education – An Endangered Species?

I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the attacks on science and science education that have been dog-piling on since the sequester began. It is as if everyone has just lost it all at once. What’s going on? Phil Plait does a nice job of detailing the latest …

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Pop Quiz: Reaching Disabled Audiences

Today I had the lovely opportunity to talk with two astronomy educators who have developed an astronomy kit for the visually impaired. Think about it, astronomy, a typically visual activity, for those who do not have sight. They’ve tried to recreate the experience of seeing the constellations and Moon as …

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Pop Quiz: What led you into Skepticism?

Looking back, I can remember the exact moment I discovered the Skeptical Movement™. Mentally and emotionally exhausted from reading and discussing a lot of very fashionable but sloppily-thought-out scholarship in my discipline for a graduate seminar, I had settled into a nice afternoon of reading the internet when I stumbled …

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Lesson Plan: Bringing Citizen Science into the Classroom

Hey, all! I know, I know, we’re late with the usually-on-Mondays lesson plan. However, I think I was too bowled over by Monday’s tragic events to work on much else, and I’ve started another post to discuss that. So late as we are, let’s get started! I’d like to present …

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Pop Quiz: Science go Boom

Well I’m just a late-y late, late bum today with the Pop Quiz. But you’re not off the hook! I’ve been flying ll day to get to San Antonio for the National Science Teachers’ Association conference. There are LOTS of science demos to see here, so let’s think about our …

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Where Do I Get One of These Fancy Essay Grading Bots?

According to The New York Times, I might be able to reclaim my weekends soon: New Test for Computers: Grading Essays at College Level. My initial gut reaction? Bring. It. On. I hate grading essays. I hate just almost every single thing about it. The liberal arts college where I …

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Pop Quiz: What’s Your Dream Science Class

Standards… love them or hate them, they exist. States have educational standards. Sometimes countries have standards. Some standards are required, others recommended. Though there are no national standards required for science in the US, certain ones are recommended. A committee made up of writers from 26 states are converging on …