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Pop Quiz: Are MOOCs the future?

At a meeting the other night I got into a somewhat heated discussion with an older friend and colleague, who was criticising our institution for failing to offer any Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) that are open to participation by the broader public. This, he argued, was a sign …

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Pop Quiz: Wifi in the College Classroom

I’m late for today’s Pop Quiz. Maybe I was too busy surfing the web? I’ve seen the topic of wifi in the college classroom come up in faculty circles with a bit of controversy lately. Not that long ago, I was in college, and ubiquitous wifi was just around the …

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Pop Quiz: What are you watching?

Ah, summer. Season of research. Season of rest. Season of catching up on crucially important television! In anticipation of the new season of Arrested Development, I’ve been ceremonially rewatching the old episodes to make sure I’m current on all the lore (I’d hate to miss a reference, after all!). Which …

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Pop Quiz: Call Me Maybe (Except Not When You’re In Class)

Earlier this week Dan posted a Pop Quiz about the use of TV and video in the classroom. His questions made me think about how the use of technology has been developing in my own school, particularly with regards to the use of mobile phones and tablets. I don’t know …

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Pop Quiz: Cable in the classroom?

When I was in high school, my foreign language teacher had a live cable hookup in her classroom. The official rationale for this was that it would allow her advanced classes to watch foreign language programming and improve their skills, though in reality it often meant we would watch whatever …

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Pop Quiz: Reaching Disabled Audiences

Today I had the lovely opportunity to talk with two astronomy educators who have developed an astronomy kit for the visually impaired. Think about it, astronomy, a typically visual activity, for those who do not have sight. They’ve tried to recreate the experience of seeing the constellations and Moon as …

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Where Do I Get One of These Fancy Essay Grading Bots?

According to The New York Times, I might be able to reclaim my weekends soon: New Test for Computers: Grading Essays at College Level. My initial gut reaction? Bring. It. On. I hate grading essays. I hate just almost every single thing about it. The liberal arts college where I …

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RR: 10 March 2013

Good morning, scholars! I know many of us will be especially grumpy today after sacrificing an hour of sleep on the altar of daylight savings. Please take all the time you need for these Required Readings; there’s no quiz: Stories about public school districts that are adopting the newfangled “flipped …

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Teaching critically with Wikipedia

An important element of teaching critical thinking to students is distinguishing reliable sources of information from less reliable ones. In educational settings at all levels, from K-12 to higher education, a common bugaboo is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that is editable by nearly everyone. Claims are often made by teachers …