• Want to build a far-right movement? Spain’s Vox party shows how – “Opposition to Catalan and Basque separatism; opposition to feminism and same-sex marriage; opposition to immigration, especially by Muslims; anger […]

    • Oops. ‘Chum,’ as in ‘chumbox,’ isn’t small bait fish. Chum is usually half-rotten fish-guts and waste that’s dumped in the water in the hope of attracting schools to feed. So the term is even more contemptuous than the article implies.

      I guess there’s a kind of symmetry about it, since it’s the ‘gut doctor’ being promoted…

    • I’ve always enjoyed banana flavoring, but that’s because I’m messed in the head.

      On the chumbox thing: this specific scenario reminds me a bit of surfing for porn in the ancient days of the modern internet (so after searching around for file directories with pictures that would then take 2 minutes to load on my screen). You’d have places that advertised free galleries (usually as a way of trying to get you to subscribe to a site with more of the same), and some of the links would link to other places offering free galleries instead of actual pictures, and then it would just keep going around and around like that.
      I did get the mentioned chumbox link in the bottom of the Vox article, which was pretty fun.