• Sexism is making women sick – “A study published this month in the journal Sex Roles reveals that some of the sexism women face – from catcalling and sexual harassment to sexual objectification and violence – […]

    • Amanda,

      Man that bigoted idiot Pamela Geller is going to be so angry now. People like her already hate Marvel for their “pro Islam” stance.

    • Vandalism to fight hatred? Outing people who disagree with you?

      I really don’t like it when our side uses “the ends justify the means” logic.

      • Mrmisconception,

        Good point. I would have preferred the buses just not run the hateful ads in the first place.

      • There is such a thing as constructive vandalism. They’re not spray-painting the ads or tearing them off, they’re defacing/refacing them in a clever, pointed way.

        In Alabama, pointing out a politician’s hypocrisy is not “outing people who disagree with you” because it’s directly relevant to their ‘rationale’ if-that’s-the-word for opposing gay marriage.

    • Can I remind people that we had a very similar problem with the Boston Marathon, but with ableism on top of sexism? There were a lot of people talking about Meb Keflezighi being the first American to win since 1983, when a woman won the woman’s marathon in 1985…. and the women’s wheelchair winner was from America from 2012-2014, plus Jean Driscoll’s record setting 7 straight victories from 1990-1996, and more wheelchair winners both men and women since 1983? A lot of wins by Americans?

    • Why doesn’t Ms. Marvel wear a head scarf?

      • Peter Smith,

        Because for one thing, not all Muslim women wear head scarfs. Muslim women often walk around with their heads uncovered, just like non Muslim women. That’s kind of like saying why doesn’t this Jewish character wear a yamaka, or this Christian character wear a cross.

    • And what was ‘Islamophobic’ about these ads? Apparently the accusation of Islamophobia removes all responsibility for argument. I am not, in theory, opposed to ‘wheatpaste’ attacks on public advertising. But there has to be a real reason, not the usual ‘taking offence.’ As the Marvel character is unveiled, the paste-overs might be censored in many Muslim countries. And since the character is female, the Haredis in some neighborhoods in Israel would vandalize the boards for THEIR ‘offended’ sensibilities.

      Someone objected to the ads and covered them. By invoking the magic word, they are under no burden to say what was wrong about them. At the moment I am suspicious. Too many ‘islamophobic’ materials turn out to be simple quotes from the Quran-Hadith-Sunnah.

      • John the Drunkard,

        Have you seen the original ads?

        Here’s more on Geller’s anti Muslim ads. She’s been paying to put these on buses for sometime now.

        Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations

        There’s a reason the Southern Poverty Law Center, labels her “American Freedom Defense Initiative” and “Stop The Islamitization Of America” as hate groups.

      • If these ads targetted ANY group at all other than muslims, there would have been demonstrations, picketting, and vandalism like you wouldn’t believe.

        Geller really is a sociopath; some day, when she finally loses it completely, she’ll be funny – but right now she’s scary.