• Rappers Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea have been feuding off and on for a couple of years now, and much digital ink has been spilled on the matter. For those of you who haven’t followed their spat, let me catch you […]

    • Anonymous has made me nervous since they claimed credit for the Arab Spring. I guess it’s one problem of their complete anonymousness, for lack of a better word. Maybe they helped, maybe they didn’t. It’s hard to say.

      But I always get nervous dealing with people who know what’s best for me, and if I don’t like it, no problem. We have ways.

      Cthulhu save me from those who would save me from myself.

      I come from a family of control freaks, so it’s one of my issues.

    • Agree with all of the above, although it’s worth pointing out that this completely misguided (to put it charitably) Iggy Azalea and Ferguson stuff was not the work of the “real” Anonymous, to the extent that that can be defined. See, for example, http://hackread.com/anonymous-not-leaking-iggy-azaleas-sex-tape/ and https://twitter.com/AnonyOps/status/546986376529711105, where more thoughtful and established branches of Anonymous dismiss whoever did this as a troll and an idiot.

      Which of course means that organizing your activism around a name that anyone can adopt for anything is maybe not the best strategy, but I do think there are many Anons who are better than this.

      • Again, that’s part of the problem. Was it Anonymous, or was it Anonymous’ twin brother. Looks just like him.

        I would think, I could be wrong, that they have to capability to expose someone else speaking in their name, instead of just saying “Wasn’t me. Can’t prove it was me.”

        • I’m not disagreeing with you — this is certainly part of the problem, that’s what I meant about the issue of organizing around a name that anyone can claim. I guess they could try to expose the real names of people claiming to be Anonymous, but given that there aren’t membership lists or anything this wouldn’t prove much unless the actual Anonymous weren’t anonymous. So it comes back to the same issue that the whole model is problematic.

    • Hmm… No true Anonymous?

      • Well, there was t3hj3st3r and Backtrace. LulzSec (the ones who told the Tunisians “Yeah, everyone else hates your government too.”) was really the offspring of Anonymous and the old Antisec movement, though.

        Note that the origin of the name Backtrace should tell you all you need to know about 4chan.

    • … I don’t know, at one time I would have personally freaked over the idea, even as a guy, of having a sex tape leaked. Now… I think my reaction is, “I wish I had a cause someone hated, and was female, so I could say, ‘F you, I don’t give a damn!’, and release it myself.” Now, I understand how other people might not see it that way, especially if in a position where the existence of such a tape, never mind its release, might cause other assholes to create problems for them, but.. I think my reaction to that happening would also be F-U. Just saying.

    • What’s bad about this is, I wouldn’t have even cared about two celebrities beefing. I would’ve probably made a comment about how Azealia Banks could at least get the hemisphere right and gone on my merry way. (Seriously, igloo?)

      But yeah, their answer seems to be to threaten sexual assault.

      But I might point out the Emma Watson sex tape hoax. Yeah, it’s still proof of how horrible the internet is to women, but, in (grudging) fairness to Anonymous, it wasn’t them.