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    I feel like maybe an article title changed out from underneath you? You ref the article “Will Astrology Survive Coronavirus?” and then say that the apologists eventually admit the answer is “no (it will not survive)”… and that the believers keep believing. Don’t you mean the answer is “yes, it will survive?” I mean, it shouldn’t, but I don’t…[Read more]

    • D’oh! I wish I could blame a changed title, but I think this is just evidence of my cognitive biases. I expect all such headlines to have the answer “no”, so I read it like “Will Coronovirus Kill Astrology?” even though it says the opposite. I’ll adjust the text.

      • Wait! It was “will kill” and I just quoted it wrong. I can’t explain that, except by claiming it would have been a far superior title and that it’s the Times that messed up to keep the “the answer is no”-streak going.

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    Not only is everything you say here true, but the article is also bad education. The byline you quote:
    “In these trying times, the last thing that students need to see is their professional, highly educated professor falling apart at the seams.”
    Is simply wrong. 25 years ago, when anything I knew was current, the theory of cognitive app…[Read more]

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    At first, I thought the Goopies and their advertising team must just be stunningly clueless. But then I see things like the 30 second ad spot with “It’s dangerous” and “It’s untested” juxtaposed with “Let’s milk the shite out of this”.

    I actually now really hope there is some poor beleaguered ad designer who got stuck with the Goop campaign…[Read more]

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    Everyone’s mileage may vary, of course, but I found the big issue was the notifications. It’s amazing how much difference it makes when _I_ decide when it’s time to catch up on the news, instead of a torrent pouring down on me constantly. Couple that with tailoring which news I get in the first place (I get a lot of my news from the Guardian,…[Read more]

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    “There is some good news. The researchers found that if it was one of Sarah’s coworkers who reported her sexual harassment to HR, the subjects weren’t less likely to punish her.”

    Possible typo on “weren’t”? Because otherwise that doesn’t _sound_ like good news?

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