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    Somehow I don’t feel like this answered the question at all. It feels more like some kind of straw man built on outliers. Or public shaming. It doesn’t really explain why people believe what they do, but if I believe what you’re saying it’s because they’re just bad people.

    Side note: Google image search results for “shameful straw men” are…[Read more]

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    Well that’s what _they_ say . . .

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    Whether than take sides about the violence of seat punching or the violence of space invasion* we could all be asking why there’s so little space in the damned seats already.

    * Not to be confused with “space invaders”, who also jostle people to their sides.

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    I think framing this as two-sided is a pro-lifer rhetorical trick. There’s a whole range of views. Almost all of those viewpoints don’t include telling women what to do with their bodies. Even if those views are also firmly anti-abortion. Framing this as “two sides” creates a false equivalence between the tiny, loud pro-life minority’s opinion of…[Read more]

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    Someone should have a year of flipping a coin for everything while we still have coins.

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    I thought the melting pot metaphor was supposed to be troublesome because it’s anti-diversity. In it we all melt in to some homogeneous slurry. Is there a new meaning I’m missing?

    • Not so much troublesome as there are better metaphors. In a melting pot, everything loses its individual identity and gets blurred together like the output of a juice machine or food processor. The better analogy I heard was to minestrone, where lots of individual items keep their own identities but take on aspects of all the other bits,…[Read more]

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    I saw two shooting stars last night
    I wished on them but they were only satellites
    It’s wrong to wish on space hardware
    I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care
    – Billy Bragg from “A New England”

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