• Mary wrote a new post, Should You Donate to Charity at the Store?, on the site Skepchick 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    Today’s post was inspired by Rebecca’s recent viral tweet:

    Everyone’s been there: you’re checking out at the grocery store and you get asked if you want to donate a few dollars to charity. But should you don […]

    • The only place I ever donate at the register is at PerSmart, but that’s because they run the shelter in the store. I mean, I see and play with the cats when I’m there then always add $1 to the shelter charity when I’m leaving. However, I wonder how much I’m still being tricked. The shelters are usually run by 3rd party charities, so I might still be better off donating directly to them rather than to the store. I’m unclear on how much of my donation goes to the shelter vs the store for their costs in providing space to the shelter.