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    That’s like a checklist of the things my wife went through in her previous marriage. And to say it can’t be all that bad, that marriage lasted a year and almost a decade on, she’s still feeling the effects of the belittling, gaslighting, and micromanagement.

    • Big virtual hugs to your wife!

    • Good therapists are PRICELESS. And yet not always easy to access or find.

      • I kind of lucked out. I was actually looking for someone experienced with gender transition, as I was transitioning from male to female. As it happens, the gender transition was fairly easy, but my PTSD kept coming up. (Since it was probably the biggest determiner of who I am, it was hard to avoid.) And it turned out that she was also trained…[Read more]

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    As someone from Michigan who has a friend with serious chronic pain issues, I’ve seen the red tape side of this first hand. My friend also gets accused of being an addict all the time despite having proven pain issues…