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    Just recently I posted about the Somali community in Minneapolis working to get funding for a halal food shelf and the utter fail of the atheist community in response to that attempt. Well we have more sad news […]

    • Signed and shared. This is kind of beside the point, but most transgender kids would be mortified to have to use those kinds of open showers. I hate open showers, and not even because of my queerness or gender dysphoria. Some people like their privacy. All school showers should have private stalls.

    • Because we need more ways for people to not see each other naked, not have a clue what other people look like naked, and more easily perpetuate body shame and related illnesses Jackal? Personally, I think we need the total opposite – less of the, “Not only can you hide if you want to, you are required to, because nudity = sex, and think of the children!”, not to make that sort of self perpetuating cycle of confusion and shame worse. Not that open showers are, by themselves, worth jack at preventing such problems, but, seriously.. stalls, would absolutely not help the much bigger issues, for both sexes, about body image, and its corresponding disorders, at all.

      • There are people who don’t mind being naked, and people who object to nudity. There are people who don’t mind being naked, but object to compulsory nudity. Nobody, to my knowledge, advocates compulsory nudity.

        I also noticed they said ’14 year olds’. Not every high school athlete is 14.

    • Sorry, I don’t see compulsory nudity in front of strangers as the answer to body issues. People are free to walk around shower rooms uncovered if they want to. They’re free to seek out nude beaches and nude saunas. I don’t think schools should force kids to be naked in front of people not of their choosing.

    • Yeah, its kind of an iffy thing though. If someone actually bothers to shower, then they could claim they where compelled, even if their other option was to not shower – which brings up whole other issues, but then, some teens you can’t get to shower period, never mind after gym classes. But, yeah, my point was simply that any goal towards a more sane future can’t take the path of, “Lets fix this problem, by aggravating another one.” One could argue that such compulsory nudity is a part of some schools in other countries, or that it should be, if for no other reason than hygiene, etc. One can also make the argument that a lot of things get compelled as it is, including all of the negative social ideals, including the ones driving these exact sorts of problems (and, more than a few parents, who are nudists, would state flat out that one of the biggest “compulsions” they every had, or is ever pressed on anyone else is, “Keep your dang clothes on!” lol)

      In any case… no, it shouldn’t be compelled, but neither should the polar opposite, which, frankly, is what has been winning in the game of, “You do this, but not that!”, for a rather long time, and to, many would argue, a great deal of people’s detriment.

      My only point is – maybe its a good idea to think about whether or not something that sounds like a good idea has… consequences that tend to promote some of the problems, rather than reducing them. And, imho, the last thing we need is “more” places in society where seeing someone nude, or them seeing you that way, isn’t merely “optional”, but implicitly forbidden. Because, if someone puts in stalls, such a thing will not end with, “You have the option of using one of the stalls.”, but will, pretty much 100% certainly, end up being, “We only provide stalls.”, which is itself compelling a choice.