• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, Lawrence Krauss’s History of Sexual Harassment, on the site Skepchick 2 years, 4 months ago

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    A few months ago, a reporter for Buzzfeed got in touch with me asking if I would talk to them about an investigation they were doing on […]

    • According to the Personnel List on their site, Lindsay is Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Inquiry. I finally dumped CFI after my local chapter sponsored a showing of “The Red Pill” last May and everyone loved it. Awful people from top to bottom.

      Interesting that the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism invited Krauss to speak in 2014. Difficult to believe that they did not know about the accusations against Krauss, but maybe they just wanted to sell tickets instead of believing the women.They present themselves as “good guys.” They are not.

    • These same people think it’s more likely that all the accusations against Sandusky are made for money than that there is any truth to them.
      Some skeptics are awfully unskeptical.

    • Even without the toxic bro-dom, how can we speak of an ‘atheist community’ if it would have to include red-diaper Stalinists and Randroids under the same tent?

      Not believing in any deities doesn’t even preclude devotion to other superstitions, e.g. all the idiotic evo-psych MRA/PUA horseshit.