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    As a card-carrying man-hating feminist, I think it’s time I finally weigh on the great debate of our time: whether or not the song “Baby It’ […]

    • It’s really remarkable that our species has been so successful when the act required for procreation causes so much confusion, strife and angst. I say let’s all just have a Merry fucking Christmas!

    • Thanks for the reminder. The song is as sex-positive as it dared to be in the late 40s. Supposedly, Frank Loesser and his spouse preformed it as a ‘go home’ message at parties for years before anyone would record it.

      A quick wiki-check hints that there was no Xmas association to the song until the 1990s. I performed it in college back in 1977 and there wasn’t a whiff of Christmas anywhere near the song at that point.

      ‘What’s in the drink?’ is a pretty straight allusion to the (then and now normal) ‘plying with…’ use of alcohol as a dating ‘lubricant.’ And THAT deserves a flow of outrage that doesn’t seem to be happening.

      • The

        Candy is Dandy but liquor is quicker is a line from a 1931 poem by Ogden Nash.

        In the 1960’s, he added the line ‘pot is not’.

    • This is all fair, except she does at one point come out and say “I really must go, the answer is no”, and ignoring that is a very problematic message when we have consent issues.

    • To be fair, though, Mickey Finn was from before Prohibition. So it’s not like the idea of intentionally drugging someone in food or drink was nothing new. Though for him it was more of a “15% minimum please”.