• Rebecca Watson wrote a new post, The ACTUAL SCIENCE Linking Mental Illness and Gun Violence, on the site Skepchick 1 year, 4 months ago

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    You know, I’m tired of talking about divisive, hot-button political issues. Let’s talk about something that’s just pure, uncon […]

    • > They found that gun owners were 18 times more likely than non-gun owners to threaten someone with gun violence.

      Maybe I’m missing something, but why would this be surprising? Why would you threaten someone with gun violence if you don’t have a gun?

      • Why the phrase “gun violence” is more harmful than useful.

        Anyway, 1.21? How many do you need?

        At a bare minimum, suicides would be a case for psychological counseling. Accidents, not so much; you really need education there. (And not movies. Seriously, no matter how many guns are in movies, I’m convinced no one in Hollywood has ever so much as held one.) Homicides, maybe some background checks? And throw illegal dealers in prison, perhaps?

    • Hey MRAs, one thing that Rebecca didn’t mention is that men have a higher rate of completed suicides because men use guns way more than women! So if you want to save men, work on gun control, it’ll save men’s lives!

      And then fuck outta here with most of the rest of your shit.

    • I have been reading up on gun violence as it pertains to homicide, suicide, and mass shootings. 85% of homicides are committed by men, 77% of suicides between 1999-2016 were committed by men, and 96.2% of mass shootings have been committed by men or boys. While there is a connection between mental illness and gun violence, it pales in comparison to the connection between masculinity and gun violence. The connection between all these kinds of killings and masculinity is so accepted, so ubiquitous, so right in front of our noses, we, as a species, have overlooked it. We shouldn’t. Masculinity is a construct, something people made up, something we teach and learn and causes great harm to all. If we are going to prevent homicide, suicide, and mass shootings, all interventions that don’t address the root cause, masculinity, will fall short. The largest demographic of gun owners in America are Christian white men, the very same group that is in a high state of reactionaryism regarding affronts to their perceived privilege and that prevents the second most effective intervention in preventing these horrors, gun control. You can see how masculinity must be countered if we are to get anywhere meaningful in these matters.