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    Getting sexually harassed sucks, but what sucks even more is that that’s o […]

    • “There is some good news. The researchers found that if it was one of Sarah’s coworkers who reported her sexual harassment to HR, the subjects weren’t less likely to punish her.”

      Possible typo on “weren’t”? Because otherwise that doesn’t _sound_ like good news?

    • Apropos of nothing, I suppose; but I was shocked – I’d like to think of a stronger and better word for it, but I can’t – at the reaction by a broad swath of what was then thought of as the skeptic “community” to those comments by you, and to statements and disclosures by other women in the community saying basically the same things about their own experiences. People I had always respected and thought of as rational and even, just seemed to go absolutely over the rail when they started discussing this issue, and I became so disillusioned that I ended up leaving “skepticism” behind (as a part of my identity, not the methodology of course). In retrospect, it seems like the skeptical community had what amounts to the beginnings of a MeToo moment, but completely failed to rise to it – or more like positively quashed it.

      I almost had to laugh a couple of years later when GG happened, because it was practically a shot-for-shot remake; it was seriously uncanny.

    • The HR training at my company says we have a duty to report harassing behavior we observe, and asking the victim if you should can contribute to a hostile culture by making only the specific victim responsible for deciding what is harassing behavior. I have no idea if there’s any empirical validation to that idea, but it runs contrary to one clause of one sentence in your post and I thought I’d share.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I’m sorry you’ve had such an awful experience.

      I’ve been diverted to your website from PZ Myers. I was confused by his reference to Michael Shermer and Sam Harris.

      How do you feel they have contributed to your awful experience or are relevant to the whole chain of events?