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Wisconsin woes, promoting Christianity in school, why student should fail, UNC program cuts, child poverty, humanistic medicine, chocolate fraud, and more: Required Readings, 05.31.15

Best education headline of the week: What the heck is going on with Wisconsin public education? Among the plans raising eyebrows: efforts to trim teacher training requirements that would put high school graduates in the classroom and a giveaway to private schools via vouchers. A Colorado teacher has filed a lawsuit …

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Reading Rainbow Returns, Speecharella on vacation from snark!! Required Reading 6/5/2014

Yikes! Summer’s here for sure! Here are some ideas for enrichment!! Are you missing school already or are you still trying to drink your burnout away? You might need a little Reading Rainbow!  Is there anybody who doesn’t?  What ever happened to it anyway?  Was it just another 26 year …