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The Atheist Academic: I’m NOT Angry!

“You’re not an atheist… you’re just angry at God.” Yeah, you’ve heard that too? Ugh. It drives me up a wall. My mom is Catholic through-and-through. I was, too, for a long time. Catholic schoolgirl. Confirmation. Church choir. Eucharistic minister at the college Catholic church. I think, in some ways, …


Spiritual Martians, Pieta Vandalism, and an Old Man’s Groceries: A Day in the Life of Richard

As an AIH (Atheist in Hiding) while at work, it can be hard to carry on the charade day after day, week after week, even year after year. The challenge is dealing with the misconceptions and misinformation. I have chosen a particularly interesting day from last week to help highlight …

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“Shut up and Let the Christians have their moment!”

There are many things that we, as teachers, have working against us. There are antiquated systems and people who don’t give us respect. There are state standards and angry parents and students who just don’t care. But, just to make our job even more complicated, there are also legislators who …