Michael Gove
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Pop Quiz – The Man Who Hates Teachers

This is Michael Gove.   Michael Gove is the Secretary of State for Education in England, meaning that he is the person in overall charge of the UK Government Department of Education.   Michael Gove has never been a teacher. Before entering politics, he was a journalist who wrote for …

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Pop Quiz – When Parents Attack

It’s the weekend, Pop Quizzers! To celebrate, I’m writing this post under the influence of sweet sweet root beer. I know that’s probably not too big a deal for many of you, but it’s pretty much entirely unavailable over here. My local supermarket just started stocking some “USA import” products …

The Atheist Academic

The Atheist Academic: I’m NOT Angry!

“You’re not an atheist… you’re just angry at God.” Yeah, you’ve heard that too? Ugh. It drives me up a wall. My mom is Catholic through-and-through. I was, too, for a long time. Catholic schoolgirl. Confirmation. Church choir. Eucharistic minister at the college Catholic church. I think, in some ways, …

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I’m Going to Be a Bitch Here for Just a Moment

Over the last few days, we had a horrible scare at my school. One of our students disappeared, in his car, leaving his wallet and phone behind. They found his car a few states away, abandoned. Before school, some students gathered for a prayer group outside of our school, I …