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Higher Education

On the Market VI: Excellence in Teaching and Student Evaluations

This year’s academic job application season is drawing to a close, and, as ever, I find the compilation of the last few packets to be tinged with the kind of grim urgency that accompanies the knowledge that all of the searches I applied to earlier in the year have already …

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Required Readings

Jihadist students, porn in sex ed, black life at UVA, the Bar, and more: Required Readings, 03.22.15

Welcome to the first Required Readings of spring (or autumn, for our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere)! A German instructor discusses her new book about why Western students join jihadist groups. A Danish professor recommends that porn be shown and discussed in sex education courses, a Brit thinks schoolboys should …

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Job Season

It’s job application season in academia again. My first time through this, two years ago, was harrowing to say the least, especially since I was also trying to finish my dissertation. Things worked out for me as I got a postdoc position working with Dr. Pamela Gay, one of the …