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So You Want to Teach about Comets?

Last week, humanity took a huge leap forward in solar system exploration. If you’re a science teacher wanting to talk about comet science in your class, there are some great resources out there for doing that. First of all, if you can get your (gloved) hands on some dry ice, …

A multiple-choice exam
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Exam Results; Kinky Sex Ed; New Words; Space Photography: It’s Required Readings!

Welcome to another Thursday assignment of Required Readings! This is the last week of my school holidays and so today’s RR is coloured with a vague mix of disappointment and nervous excitement. Onwards!   English A-Level results were issued today. These are the exams that determine whether or not English …

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Introduction to Astronomy Survey

Warning: This post is Northern Hemisphere-centric!¬†Also, keep in mind I did not do an exhaustive statistical analysis of this survey so take it as you wish. Every semester at the beginning of my Introduction to Astronomy course I give a variation of the survey from The Collaboration for Astronomy Education …

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Lesson Plan: Ultraviolet Light

I’m getting ready to do a summer camp all about light in astronomy. I’m particularly focused on doing some experiments with the kids showcasing “invisible” light, or the ways in which we can use light we can’t see to learn about the Universe. One particular activity is pretty easy and …

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Pop Quiz: Playtime in Class!

I am very very very excited because we just this afternoon got delivery of a portable planetarium to our department. SQUEE! This means we can take a planetarium show TO a school or community center or somewhere on campus. We have instant (well after ~45 minutes of setup) entertainment for …

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Pop Quiz: Reaching Disabled Audiences

Today I had the lovely opportunity to talk with two astronomy educators who have developed an astronomy kit for the visually impaired. Think about it, astronomy, a typically visual activity, for those who do not have sight. They’ve tried to recreate the experience of seeing the constellations and Moon as …

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Lesson Plan: Bringing Citizen Science into the Classroom

Hey, all! I know, I know, we’re late with the usually-on-Mondays lesson plan. However, I think I was too bowled over by Monday’s tragic events to work on much else, and I’ve started another post to discuss that. So late as we are, let’s get started! I’d like to present …

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Required Readings

Required Readings, 11 April 2013

Good morning teachers and learners! Here’s your Required Readings for the day. Teacher Knows If You’ve Done the e-Reading – Textbook publishers think this will sell faculty on using their expensive e-textbooks. Hmm… Parents want sex education, recess – The headline first made me think they wanted to combine these …