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Required Readings

Retirement, critical thinking education, school holidays, fair use, and more: Required Readings, 11.16.14

I’m going to set this Required Reading down gently and then back away quickly: Should tenured faculty retire earlier than they are now? Educators interested in teaching critical thinking, reason, philosophy, ethics, and so on (which should really be all of us) may want to check out this developing project from the creator …

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Pop Quiz: The Horror of Math

The bulk of the classes I teach are general science courses that are not math heavy. Even though these courses do not rely on math like a Physics class would there is still a small math component to each course. I am really not sure how to do science without …

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Did You Survive?

For a lot of my College/University instructor/professor friends, including myself, this week was the first week of the fall semester. So how did it go? Have you survived add/drop yet? The Pop Quiz is a question posed to you, the Scholars of Doubt. Look for it on Mondays, Wednesdays and …

by Everaldo Coelho
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Pop Quiz: Python in the Classroom

*Ha!  Not the snake! This whole post is about computer programming. This past weekend I went to PyOhio the Python programming language conference held in Columbus, Ohio. The conference serves the needs of both beginner and experienced programmers. So there were an array of different types of talks from introductory (“Hello …

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Pop Quiz: Sooo…hungry!!!

A lot of the classes I teach are at night. I mean really at night.  Sometimes I don’t get out of work until after 10 pm.  This means that these classes can start right at the dinner hour or during the long evening hours when people are tired. In an …

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Introduction to Astronomy Survey

Warning: This post is Northern Hemisphere-centric! Also, keep in mind I did not do an exhaustive statistical analysis of this survey so take it as you wish. Every semester at the beginning of my Introduction to Astronomy course I give a variation of the survey from The Collaboration for Astronomy Education …

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Pop Quiz: Multi-Taskers or Multi-Ignorers

I allow laptops in my classroom.  I do a lot of slides so I figure if they want to annotate them they can either print them out or bring a tablet/laptop to class to do so. I know that those with laptops are sitting there half paying attention and half …

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Pop Quiz: About Pop Quizzes

Assessments. The final frontier (of a grade.) They come in many flavors but the most popular among them are homework, inclass activities, exams, and the quiz. Teachers and students know all these well but the most hated of these is the variant of quiz known as the pop quiz. I do …

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The Great Didactic: Teachable Animal

Chapter 6: If a man is to be produced, it is necessary that he be formed by education Recently I was thinking about the foundation of our education system and its philosophical underpinnings.  As I was doing this it dawned on me that I have only ever really read about …

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Pop Quiz: Learner Centered In Large Classes

Normally, I teach a smaller sized class of anywhere from 27 -35 students. This summer I managed to get a larger lecture class on the order of 80 -100 students. No biggie right? I just have more papers to grade and more copies of homework and exams to get. Well …