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Required Readings

De-escalation tips, teacher salaries, library anxiety, SCOTUS audio, race in the classroom, and student retention: Required Readings, 08.17.16

Useful info for anyone who in contact with children: 20 tips to help de-escalate interactions with defiant or anxious students How gender bias affects teacher salaries (and those of other pink-collar professions) H/t to the Skepchick mothership. Also, half of preschool teachers require federal aid to make ends meet, and 2015 weekly wages …



It started last year during a study period. The upcoming tests were serious business and my job was just to be a teacher in the room. Technically, it is the students’ time to use as they see fit. Disruptive behavior isn’t allowed, but if a student wants to quietly play …

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Pop Quiz – Not with a Bang but a Whimper

Oh dear. Prank day.   Today was the last formal school day for our senior year. They have various exams to sit over the next month and they have their prom after the exams, but today was their final timetabled day. They’re a nice group of students and my form …