Irish Education: Where your Choice is Catholic, Catholic or Catholic

Originally posted by Science of Sarcasm on So, 2014 will be the year that L. first climbs the school-bus steps. If she’s anything like her father this process will involve extricating her from beneath the kitchen table and sprinting down the driveway with her and her backpack across my …

Required Readings

Required Readings, 12 December 2013

Religion! Women! Minorities! Universal Childcare! Other hot-button topics! All in today’s required readings. People home-schooled by religious parents are starting to fight back. The New York Times weighs in on solutions to bringing more women and minorities into STEM. Childcare is key to a healthy economy and society, say UK …

Higher EducationPop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Adjuncts, Unions and the Sad Tale of Margaret Mary Vojtko

Many of you may have read this article about Margaret Mary Vojtko in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when it first started circulating on social networks late this past summer. For those that didn’t, here is her story as related by Daniel Kovalik: Vojtko was an adjunct professor in the French department …