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Pop Quiz: Sorry?

Over this past year I have had a number of conversations with fellow teachers where the topic of apologizing comes up and it surprises me how many people are anti-apology especially in regards to their students.  From what I gather some people believe that if they apologize for something that …


Do You Have Too Many Classroom Rules?

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s recent advice column takes issue with a previous column on the subject of classroom rules. Ultimately, the pro-rules columnist concludes: When I started my academic career I thought it was possible to be a patient, professional teacher while still being rigid enough to maintain a nondistracting …

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Pop Quiz: Wifi in the College Classroom

I’m late for today’s Pop Quiz. Maybe I was too busy surfing the web? I’ve seen the topic of wifi in the college classroom come up in faculty circles with a bit of controversy lately. Not that long ago, I was in college, and ubiquitous wifi was just around the …