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Wyoming Rejects NGSS, More Common Core, Take Better Notes: Required Readings 05.11.14

I think we can all agree that when evaluating how well science education policy is being implemented in a state, Kansas is a pretty low bar.   Yet, this week Wyoming made a bold move to duck under the bar.  Citizens of Wyoming slapped their foreheads in unison as their …

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Common Criticisms: Required Readings 05.05.14

I’m an educator in a public high school in a state where the Common Core is currently being implemented.  I’ve sent two cohorts through the state testing cycle, and I’m in the final month preparing a third.  I’m still struggling to figure out how I feel about CCSS.  Mostly that’s …

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Common Core is going to EAT CHRISTIAN CHILDREN

I never heard of Sandy Rios, of the American Family Association, but you can bet I will be hanging on her every word from now on because she is clearly AWESOME. Check out her measured, thoughtful assessment of Common Core State Standards as she discusses their implications with a gentleman …

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Preschool sweathogs, girls’ schools, lady Bible teachers, “grit” , student data mining via Common Core- Required Readings 3/23/2014

Well, here’s some new links: Suspended from Preschool? What is the impact of same-sex educational settings?  The data is not clear.  Of course, if you’re a fundamentalist Christian woman who would like to lead  youth or adults in Bible study , you may not have a choice. Ah, “Grit”: the …

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Fuzzy math, adjunct unions, campus racism, public school creationists, and critical thinking: Your Required Readings!

So many interesting stories out there and so little time to find them all…here are a few interesting education-related articles from the past few days: The Common Core curriculum has received much attention, both positive and negative. But an Arizona legislator had a rather novel reason for voting against it: …