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Virginity tests, out-of-state students, Big Brother U., first-gen troubles, PR and research findings, and early ed in Silicon Valley: Required Readings, 02.01.16

The good news: Sixteen young women from the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa will be receiving university scholarships. The bad news: They must undergo regular virginity “testing” in order to receive the funds. State universities are enrolling record numbers of out-of-state students in hopes that their higher tuition will help ameliorate diminished state …

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Required Readings

Liberal students, first-gen students, more LA creationism, grad student unions, and more: Required Readings, 06.07.05

Hot on the education web this week: a liberal professor terrified by his liberal students; plus, a response. Among the struggles that first-generation college students face: guilt and a loss of identity. Newly released documents show that some Louisiana public schools are using the Bible as a science classroom textbook, with …

by Everaldo Coelho
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Pop Quiz: Python in the Classroom

*Ha!  Not the snake! This whole post is about computer programming. This past weekend I went to PyOhio the Python programming language conference held in Columbus, Ohio. The conference serves the needs of both beginner and experienced programmers. So there were an array of different types of talks from introductory (“Hello …

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Pop Quiz: Access Denied

Time out. A phone call home. Copying out the school rules. Detention. Exclusion. A move of class. All popular high school sanctions, all designed to mould behaviour in a particular way, and all very often quite ineffective. Anyone who’s worked in an average high school for even a short amount …

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Pop Quiz: Should kids be learning to code?

“Our society is increasingly technological in nature. School curricula must be changed to reflect this reality by teaching all children to code, lest they be left by the wayside in our modern world.” We’ve all heard this argument in some form or another. Is this really a good argument, though? …