The Arts Will Save Us–If We Let Them

Those of you in academic and artistic circles have no doubt heard by this point that Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year involves the closure of both the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, along with several other cultural institutions. There are lots of reasons why …

Teacher helps pupil with his reading, FSA (Farm Security Administration) camp for farm workers. Caldwell, Idaho. School is held at the camp because of lack of room in city schools
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AR mumps outbreak, Brigham Young changes assault policy, open data, Penn State, and more: Required Readings, 11.05.16

Four of Arkansas’ largest school districts have reported students having the mumps, part of a larger outbreak being investigated by the state Department of Health with more than 500 suspected cases, with 71% of them children. As a follow-up to a story we’ve discussed before, Brigham Young University announced last week that students …

Photo of three participants in the OregonDOT 2013 Diversity conference
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Tenure and motherhood, student evaluations, and cultural connections: Required Readings, 5.6.14

In the U.S., the first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. Have a good story about students showing their appreciation, for better or for worse? Share it in the comments. Someone who didn’t feel particularly appreciated at the University of Pennsylvania was former faculty member Kristen Stromberg Childers, who …

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Pop Quiz: Teaching unsavoury history

Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus Day to our Canadian and American readers! Hope those of you who got the day off are enjoying the free time. Speaking of federal holidays, reading The Oatmeal‘s latest comic on just how terrible Columbus actually was reminds me of an experience I had several years ago while …


Apples and Footballs

Happy belated World Teachers Day! In case you missed it, World Teachers Day was October 5th. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside contemplating all the good things us teachers are doing well in this world. Then, I read this article and felt…different. The article, “The Case Against High-School Sports”, …