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AP history in OK, dealing with drugs on campus, faculty support to students, budget cuts, and parenting research: Required Readings, 02.22.15

Probably the biggest story in education and critical thinking over the past week was an Oklahoma bill that would cut state funding for the Advanced Placement history course in high schools because the bill’s author (and others) believes it emphasizes “what is bad about America” and characterizes the United States as …

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Scientology in CA Public Schools, Christian College Struggles with Evolution, Gender Discrimination in FL: Required Readings 05.31.14

The Church of Scientology is doing California a public service.  If that sentence made you throw up in your mouth a little, then your skepdar is properly calibrated.  Narconon, an anti-drug arm of the church has been invited to speak at 28 California public schools since 2007.  SFGate has a …