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Pop Quiz: That’s gay, he’s retarded, she’s a slut. Wait, what did I say?!

Spend enough time any average high school and you’re likely to hear more than your fair share of colourful language. If I stand at the door of my class room to keep an eye on corridor behaviour during change of period, I’m almost certain to hear the odd casual swear …

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Reptilians Faked the Moon Landing to Cover Up JFK

Over the years that I’ve worked in high school education, I’ve learned many wonderful things from my students. I’ve seen young people suffer horrendous personal tragedies while still remaining focused on their school work. I’ve heard the most incredible life stories from the people I least expected to. I’ve seen …

Critical Thinking

School of Doubt is in Session!

Hello and welcome to School of Doubt, the newest sister site in the Skepchick network! I’m Alasdair and I’m the site’s admin. It’s my pleasure to welcome you and to explain a little about what’s going to be happening here. School of Doubt is dedicated to the discussion of skepticism …