Why Teaching Makes Me Smile

Right now I am having a particularly nasty bump in my life. Things are very chaotic and I am not sure what will be around the next corner. So suffice it to say I am a feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotionally drained.  Teaching these last few weeks has been …

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Pop Quiz – Education, Diluted

A baby has been had and the relentless first few months are over, so it’s time to write for School of Doubt again!   It’s World Homeopathy Awareness Week, apparently. Sugar pill peddlers across the globe will be spreading the good word, making sure that we are all fully educated …

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Pop Quiz: Study Time!

  Why don’t students ever study enough?  Teachers have been asking this question probably since teaching was invented. I teach college classes across a range of levels and purposes.  Some classes are for non-science majors that they take for general education requirements.  Some are upper level service courses required by …

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Pop Quiz: Play Ball!?!

In the news around my viewing area a University sports team is trying to make it legal to pay their players and unionize their teams.  I guess the plan would be that the University sports department would no longer support the students tuition or lodging.  Instead, they would make the …

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Pop Quiz: The Interrupting Student

Lecture begins and notebooks are open with pens standing by for the inevitable. Focus starts to occur for both me and my students as I lull them into learning by listening to the intricate web that is the Black Hole. As I expound about what it means for something to …

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Streams of Consciousness: Science Olympiad

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being an event supervisor at one of the regional sections of the Science Olympiad here in the Midwest for the second year in a row. If you are not familiar with this competition it is for K-12 (this one was just middle …

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Pop Quiz: Tapas Lectures! Little Bites But Many Portions

This semester I am teaching the worlds most frustrating astronomy college class. It is not the topic that bothers me, nor is it the students. It is not the inadequate book that we use (close second), or the people I work with. Nope. It is none of these things. So …


It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Extract All Your Coal!

It seems as if there is no end to attacks on science education in the United States. Most often it is evolution that bears the brunt of these attacks, with court cases such as Kitzmiller v Dover, or the evolution hearings held by The Kansas State Board of Education coming …

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Pop Quiz: Woo Hoo!! Spring Break!!

*Disclaimer: Daylight Savings Time has turned me into the walking dead. I have not functioned properly since before the time change. This pop quiz may read like stereo instructions because of this. Sorry. This week is “spring” break for me at most of the colleges I teach at.  Of course …

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Pop Quiz: The Horror of Textbook Prices

At the beginning of a new semester there is always a little bit of excitement in the air. Everyone looks fresh faced and ready to take on the subject at hand. I notice that as I pass out the syllabus and we go through it the students attentively listen with …