The Arts Will Save Us–If We Let Them

Those of you in academic and artistic circles have no doubt heard by this point that Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year involves the closure of both the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, along with several other cultural institutions. There are lots of reasons why …

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Graduate Funding: No Easy Answers

On Friday Queereka’s Vince posted this article about the Duke Collective, a group of Duke University graduate students who have decided to pool their funding as a means to collectivize risk and help provide for international students unable to earn additional income by working off-campus. Vince raised a lot of …

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Pop Quiz: Job Interviews

A colleague of mine (also on the job market) recently scored a Skype interview with a big-name institution, which has led to a lot of discussion ’round these parts about what sorts of questions to expect in such an interview, in order not to be caught off-guard by the interviewers …