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Required Readings

Data mining on campus, dual-language schools, poor students post-graduation, teacher recruitment abroad, and more: Required Readings, 10.18.15

Higher education institutions are attempting to provide their instructors with real-time data they can use to support their students and improve student performance. Dual-language immersion programs are on the rise in the U.S. What opportunities await low-income students who overcome obstacles to graduate from high school? Not many, it seems. Also, a …

Higher EducationScience

Are English-only PhDs in the Sciences a Problem?

Following the general rule of headlines-posed-as-questions, you can probably guess my answer already: probably not. That said, this recent cri du cœur (ha!) in Vitae deserves a bit more attention than just one sentence, so I’d like to flesh out that ‘probably not’ with a more thorough look at the principal questions raised …

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CultureRequired Readings

Tenure and motherhood, student evaluations, and cultural connections: Required Readings, 5.6.14

In the U.S., the first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. Have a good story about students showing their appreciation, for better or for worse? Share it in the comments. Someone who didn’t feel particularly appreciated at the University of Pennsylvania was former faculty member Kristen Stromberg Childers, who …

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Pop Quiz: What languages have you studied?

Hey there, skeptical scholars! I got a bit of exciting news this week, as the school at which I took Japanese classes a couple of years ago has invited me back to join an intermediate class (my own cohort all dropped by the end of our first year, so the …