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Data mining on campus, dual-language schools, poor students post-graduation, teacher recruitment abroad, and more: Required Readings, 10.18.15

Higher education institutions are attempting to provide their instructors with real-time data they can use to support their students and improve student performance. Dual-language immersion programs are on the rise in the U.S. What opportunities await low-income students who overcome obstacles to graduate from high school? Not many, it seems. Also, a …

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Make an ed camp, Chalkbeat changes, watch out for those Texan recruiters, and the problem with needing evidence is you really do need evidence: it’s Required Reading 4/10/2014

Alright- here’s what we got: Ed Camp season is almost upon us  always  here!! If you can’t find  a camp nearby you can make one yourself. If you follow Chalkbeat, they’re expanding their territory. A Texas district is having some difficulty with teacher retention, due to the way they have …