Romeike Family--two White German parents and 6 White German children

Fox News: Let’s Get Some White Christian Homeschooling Immigrants Up in Here Instead of All These Poor Brown Losers

Every time I think I’ve seen the most intellectually bankrupt excrement Fox News has to offer, they surprise me again. It appears that the universe (Obama) has once again revealed itself to be a cold, unfeeling, unchristian (Obama) place, as an adorable family of (white) Germans who only wish to …

The Atheist Academic

The Atheist Academic: Don’t You Dare Make me Pledge

Every day, I cringe a little bit when I hear it. The Pledge of Allegiance. My whole class of high school freshmen stand , hand over heart, and recite it. My 6-year old proudly recalls how he says the Pledge in his first grade classroom. And no one really seems …