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Gender Studies “Hoax” Shockingly Reveals Scammy Vanity Journals Will Publish Nonsense

When Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay published their recent hoax article “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct” in the journal Cogent Social Sciences, they clearly thought they had just majorly dunked on those Foucault-fellating nerds over in the Gender Studies department. “Ha-ha,” they no doubt said, in sing-song Nelson style, while …

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Fraudulent Peer Reviews, Teacher Strikes, School Sign-Up Chaos: It’s Required Readings!

It’s time for another batch of Required Readings! I’ve taken over the Thursday RR slot and I’d really appreciate any comments you might have about any of the articles I’ve chosen.   The Journal of Vibration and Control, a prestigious publication in the world of acoustics, has announced the discovery …