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Teacher appreciation (or not), image manipulation, overexposed football player, campus care, and follow-ups: Required Readings, 05.03.16

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Not feeling particularly appreciated today are public school teachers in Detroit, who are engaging in a sick-out for the second day. Why? They were told that the district would be unable to pay them once $48.7 million in emergency state aid runs out June 30. Then there …

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Sorry Bernie – Tuition free college can’t ever come back!

In the not too distant past, your average college student could get a degree in four years and walk away with no debt from almost every public university.  Whatever the costs where, they could be offset with a summer job and maybe a few hundred bucks from the parents.  In …

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My last word on funding.

Well, things got a little heated in the comments over on Vince’s response to my response to his article. For those of you that don’t want to try to navigate all the nested threads (which admittedly gave me a headache), here’s one last summary of my position for clarity’s sake. …

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Graduate Funding: No Easy Answers

On Friday Queereka’s Vince posted this article about the Duke Collective, a group of Duke University graduate students who have decided to pool their funding as a means to collectivize risk and help provide for international students unable to earn additional income by working off-campus. Vince raised a lot of …


Queereka Cross-Post: Collectivism at Duke

The following post was written by Vince at Queereka. Read it there or catch the beginning below: The Student Union of Michigan recently published an interview with a group of Duke graduate students that contained the unthinkable in a capitalist system, collectivization of wages. The Duke Collective, as they are …

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Weissmann strikes again! The fail is strong in this one.

Our old pal Jordan Weissmann has published yet another completely wrong and easily disprovable blurb in the Atlantic (h/t miserlyoldman), this time making the claim that the US Federal government could make college tuition completely free for all students for what it is already spending in various aid programmes. If …

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Pop Quiz: What is your experience with grants?

Hey there everybody and happy Monday! I just got hired by a couple of senior faculty members to do some writing and editing on a large grant proposal we are submitting this fall. This already the second round and chances look pretty good that we will ultimately get the funding, …