Students, Privacy, and Social Networks: The Game!

Anna’s recent post on Queereka about Christine Love‘s new Visual Novel had salutary (if unintended) effect of reminding me that I have had another of Love’s games, don’t take it personally, babe, but it just ain’t your story, sitting in my “to-play” queue for several months. I just finished playing …

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Pop Quiz: How can we use games in education?

In 1989, my father (very astutely) determined that computers would be the way of the future in his profession and in the world at large, and so one day he came home with a brand spanking new IBM PS/2, our family’s first ever personal computer. It was a day filled …


Fling your Wisdom at Students in Teacher Story

Just in case summertime makes you all miss teaching, the French social gaming company Motion Twin has come out with Teacher Story, a browser-based tactical RPG in which you, the long-suffering prof, vanquish your students’ stupidity with a collection of special techniques. Here’s a gameplay trailer of the Beta version …