Michael Gove
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Pop Quiz – The Man Who Hates Teachers

This is Michael Gove.   Michael Gove is the Secretary of State for Education in England, meaning that he is the person in overall charge of the UK Government Department of Education.   Michael Gove has never been a teacher. Before entering politics, he was a journalist who wrote for …


Second Attack of Evolution Education in Missouri.

A week ago, we had an awesome article by Lance, from Grounded Parents, about Missouri’s anti-evolution legislation. This week, we’re lucky enough to have his follow-up article, which he generously let us borrow from his personal site. Last week, I wrote about the first bill submitted in the Missouri House of Representatives this session …

A shelf full of books.
Required Readings

Required Readings, 5 January 2014

Is Bill Nye the Science Guy right in accepting to debate creationist Ken Ham? This and more in 2014’s first Required Readings. Good morning everyone, and happy new year! Have a good time enjoying our first Required Readings of the year! I think Bill Nye is great, but I think …

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Pop Quiz: Are You Shutdown?

I wish I could talk about something other than the government shutdown in the United States, but I’m just too darn cranky to focus on much else. And no, we’re not getting into a political debate here. Let’s talk about specific effects on education and science. What does the federal …


Quebec helpfully shows how NOT to do secularism

There is currently a fair bit of controversy over the ruling separatist government’s plans to institute a “Charter of Quebec Values” [note: English version is incomplete and mostly still in French…quelle surprise] that would ostensibly put an end to the years-long question of what constitutes “reasonable accommodation” of religious minorities …