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Teachers’ Grammar; Language and Neuroscience; Ebola Advice for Colleges; A.P. History Anger: It’s Required Readings!

Hello! Welcome to another set of Required Readings. Here are some of the more interesting or unusual education-based stories that I’ve found around the web over the last few days. Enjoy! Teachers’ knowledge of grammar has been called into question in the UK, with the blame being placed on a …

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Pop Quiz: The Hockey – Football – Grammar connection

If you are living under a rock you may not know that the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Brazil, but for many people in the world it is something that has dominated their lives for the past few weeks.  I must admit that I was not a football …

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Pop Quiz: What did you call me?

Those of you in the education biz have probably seen this recent essay by Katrina Gulliver on the “epidemic” of informality in today’s college classrooms, and probably also this rather clueless response to it by Will Miller. For those of you unfamiliar with the exchange, Gulliver’s point, broadly speaking, is …

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Guns on campus, philosophy, sentence diagramming, and more: Required Readings, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras, RR readers, wherever you are! This Fat Tuesday we bring you a couple questions. The first is of the rhetorical sort, with an Idaho professor wondering, in light of a bill to permit guns on college and university campuses, “When may I shoot a student?” Meanwhile, an …

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Pop Quiz: Literacy privilege

If you use social media, chances are you’ve seen the following Glove and Boots video floating around on the internets:     Now, as an educator I absolutely 100% believe that we should be doing our best to teach students to comfortably engage with and communicate in standard literary English. …

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Required Readings

Required Readings, 22 August 2013

Don Prothero on scientific literacy. Elmore Leonard and exclamation marks. Steven Novella on creationist Ken Ham. Rachel Arsenault finds enjoyment and practical training in community college. Here’s your required readings for today, teachers and learners! The serious consequences of scientific illiteracy – Don Prothero gives us a sobering essay on …