Document fron US Atomic Energy Commission stamped "top secret" and "confidential"
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FOIA Abuse Could Become a Serious Problem for Academics

Academics take heed: if you are employed by a public university, the contents of your email account are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. This means activists, critics, or any member of the public with an axe to grind can request copies for a nominal administrative fee and quote-mine …

Photo of Dr Pamela Gay at the USA Science and Engineering Festival
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Tenure and the Culture of Silence

Pamela Gay, currently an Assistant Research Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, published a blog post this morning about how she regrets not publicly confronting a famous person who harassed her at a science fiction convention. There is bound to be a lot of discussion of this incident in the …

Required Readings

Required Reading, 12 September 2013

Academia’s Fog of Male Anxiety. Trouble in MOOC-land. A link between reading and maths. It’s required readings – night edition! It’s a night edition because I’m, well, a teacher. Pesky students, meetings, and campus events get in the way of blogging sometimes… Academia’s Fog of Male Anxiety – Brilliant essay …