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Teachers’ Grammar; Language and Neuroscience; Ebola Advice for Colleges; A.P. History Anger: It’s Required Readings!

Hello! Welcome to another set of Required Readings. Here are some of the more interesting or unusual education-based stories that I’ve found around the web over the last few days. Enjoy! Teachers’ knowledge of grammar has been called into question in the UK, with the blame being placed on a …

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Pop Quiz: Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Because George Orwell is apparently required reading for members of the Conservative party in the UK, a government-commissioned review today made the suggestion that all packed lunches should be banned in English schools. Parents don’t know how to feed their own children, you see. The argument is that schools should …

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Pop Quiz: OK Class, Everyone Collect a Plastic Penis from the Front Desk.

A couple of years ago I went through a rite of passage that is notorious with staff throughout my school. It involved a bag of condoms, a plastic penis and a room full of teenagers.   Bear with me.   We have a sex-and-relationships education programme that almost all staff …