Grading Traditions

  For my first eleven years as a teacher, I used rubrics to assign grades, and would give a student a 0 for not turning in work. But this past year, I realized a 0 disproportionately punishes students compared to earning a 100. In my school, we give students numerical …

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Our Cultural Obsession with College is Misguided and Dangerous

[Content note: youth suicide, mental illness]     One chilly morning in my Junior year of high school, a boy who sat a few desks behind me in my AP Calculus class came into school early, parked his car in the student lot, set up a video camera, recorded himself …

Required Readings

Required Readings, 10.26.14

Welcome to a new day for Required Readings, which will henceforth be presented once a week, on Sundays. RR is a collection of news stories, opinion pieces, and education resources we hope you’ll find interesting and/or useful, particularly if you’re a skeptical educator of some sort. But we can’t do …

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Scottish Independence Part 2: Interview With a Pro-Independence Teacher

After last week’s basic introduction to the rapidly-approaching Scottish independence referendum, I’d now like to offer the first of two posts to examine both sides of the issue from an educational viewpoint. I interviewed two high school teachers, one of whom will be voting Yes and one of whom will …

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Pop Quiz: Python in the Classroom

*Ha!  Not the snake! This whole post is about computer programming. This past weekend I went to PyOhio the Python programming language conference held in Columbus, Ohio. The conference serves the needs of both beginner and experienced programmers. So there were an array of different types of talks from introductory (“Hello …

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: About Pop Quizzes

Assessments. The final frontier (of a grade.) They come in many flavors but the most popular among them are homework, inclass activities, exams, and the quiz. Teachers and students know all these well but the most hated of these is the variant of quiz known as the pop quiz. I do …

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Pop Quiz: Access Denied

Time out. A phone call home. Copying out the school rules. Detention. Exclusion. A move of class. All popular high school sanctions, all designed to mould behaviour in a particular way, and all very often quite ineffective. Anyone who’s worked in an average high school for even a short amount …

A Broken Egg
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Pop Quiz – Not with a Bang but a Whimper

Oh dear. Prank day.   Today was the last formal school day for our senior year. They have various exams to sit over the next month and they have their prom after the exams, but today was their final timetabled day. They’re a nice group of students and my form …

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Pop Quiz: Play Ball!?!

In the news around my viewing area a University sports team is trying to make it legal to pay their players and unionize their teams.  I guess the plan would be that the University sports department would no longer support the students tuition or lodging.  Instead, they would make the …

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Streams of Consciousness: Science Olympiad

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being an event supervisor at one of the regional sections of the Science Olympiad here in the Midwest for the second year in a row. If you are not familiar with this competition it is for K-12 (this one was just middle …