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Why I went back to school in Higher Ed

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve recently gone back to school for an M.Ed in Higher Education. Regular readers may know that I already have a humanities PhD, which raises a pretty obvious question: “What the hell Dan? Aren’t you done with school? Why collect yet another degree? Seriously what is …

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Syllabus Adjunct Clause

Hey there, Doubters! As I promised in the last edition of On the Market, here is a sample adjunct clause that can be inserted into any syllabus for courses taught by temporary faculty. Please keep in mind that since situations differ from school to school–and even from department to department–the following …

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Pop Quiz: Are you “out”?

Happy Monday, Doubt Scholars! Last night at dinner I got involved in a long and interesting conversation about “coming out” as atheist in academia, what doing so actually entails, and under what circumstances it is appropriate to do so. (A propos of this, some of you may remember that annoying …

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Pop Quiz: Do you Love Education But Hate School?

On my Google+ feed the other day, this video came up that grabbed my attention. It’s a spoken word poem by a young man in the UK called “I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate.” After being moved by it, I followed it back to his first …