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What Pramaoedya Ananta Toer Tried to Teach His Kids About Medicine and Critical Thinking

Pramaoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006) was an award-winning Indonesian writer who was famous for the novels that he wrote during two long stints as a political prisoner. He was first jailed by the Dutch in 1947 for his anti-colonial activities, and then again by President Suharto for being a leftist from …

Required Readings

Ed resources, the right to discriminate, packing heat at Liberty, UTK brouhaha over inclusive parties, and more: Required Readings, 12.06.15

In the spirit of the season of giving, today’s Required Readings begin with a few¬†resources available to students, teachers, parents, and anyone else with an interest in education: Studying in Canada K-12 apps, lesson plans, and more from the National Library of Medicine Science-Based Medicine video lecture course Open Education …

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RR: 31 March 2013

On this Easter Sunday, let us open our internets to the Required Reading page and look together at some vaguely religious-themed news items: Here is an op-ed arguing the positive impact of marriage equality on education. A Pakistani teacher was murdered this week for the crime of educating girls. ZOMG …