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Why I went back to school in Higher Ed

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve recently gone back to school for an M.Ed in Higher Education. Regular readers may know that I already have a humanities PhD, which raises a pretty obvious question: “What the hell Dan? Aren’t you done with school? Why collect yet another degree? Seriously what is …

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On the Market VII: Job Candidates Are People Too

Another year, another job season. Sigh. I’ve been on the market for several years now, and regular readers may remember that in that time I have applied to many, many, many jobs. The positions I’ve applied for since finishing my PhD have represented a generous sampling of nearly all that our …

Required Readings

No-nonsense nurturing, rural schools, lying law schools, not-so-brainy games, and more: Required Readings, 01.11.16

The no-nonsense nurturing approach to classroom management: “keeping expectations high by only praising outstanding effort” or “too much emphasis on compliance, not engagement”? The unique challenges and opportunities in America’s rural schools A lawsuit against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law regarding false job-placement statistics will proceed, per a California judge. What does …

Image of BYU north campus with the word "nope" overlaid in red.
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On the Market III: BYU doesn’t deserve my application (or yours).

The conventional wisdom when it comes to the academic job hunt is to apply for every open position, no matter what it is or where it is located. After all, the reasoning goes, beggars can’t afford to be choosers, and you never know what kind of places might actually be a …