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Secondary Education

¿Hablas español? ¿Sí? ¿Cuál?

As you may remember, I recently went to the German “Hispanistentag”, the biannual congress of Germany’s and Austria’s researchers on Spanish language and literature. The section I was in was about the different varieties of Spanish and what to do with them in school.   Spanish is spoken by around …

A multiple-choice exam
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Exam Results; Kinky Sex Ed; New Words; Space Photography: It’s Required Readings!

Welcome to another Thursday assignment of Required Readings! This is the last week of my school holidays and so today’s RR is coloured with a vague mix of disappointment and nervous excitement. Onwards!   English A-Level results were issued today. These are the exams that determine whether or not English …

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Pop Quiz: Books on Tape = Cheating?

Recently I was sitting in a meeting about a student, who we’ll call Kevin.  In this meeting were Kevin’s parents, the guidance counselor, his case manager, myself and the other teachers who teach him.  Kevin is undergoing a period of work avoidance, which is a relatively common problem.   As we …

Bouquet of Roses
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Pop Quiz: What’s in a Name?

How important is a name? We spend an awful lot of time teaching and learning the names for things before a concept it taught, is this time spent wisely? On Monday I saw this XKCD comic and I knew that it should be the theme for my pop quiz. So …

A shelf full of books.
Required Readings

Required Readings, 7 November 2013

Building your brain! Building your schools! Good morning, teachers and learners. Here are your required readings. Childhood music lessons leave lasting brain boost – I guess that’s why I’m so clever. Is your college well-endowed? – Data is showing that endowments are growing again. Speaking a second language may delay …

Required Readings

Required Readings, 19 September 2013

Teacher gives birth in school! Alabama sororities and fraternities are white! Death of an adjunct prompts reflection. Good rhythm linked to language skills. Good morning, teachers and learners. Here are your required readings for today. Study links rhythm to language skills – so that why I no talk good. Teacher …

Donald Prothero
Required Readings

Required Readings, 22 August 2013

Don Prothero on scientific literacy. Elmore Leonard and exclamation marks. Steven Novella on creationist Ken Ham. Rachel Arsenault finds enjoyment and practical training in community college. Here’s your required readings for today, teachers and learners! The serious consequences of scientific illiteracy – Don Prothero gives us a sobering essay on …

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Required Readings, 6 June 2013

Good morning, teachers and learners! First off, let me just say: Tiny lobsters are tearing this country apart. You’ll find out why in the first of our required readings for today. 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other – Too fascinating to not share with …

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Pop Quiz: That’s gay, he’s retarded, she’s a slut. Wait, what did I say?!

Spend enough time any average high school and you’re likely to hear more than your fair share of colourful language. If I stand at the door of my class room to keep an eye on corridor behaviour during change of period, I’m almost certain to hear the odd casual swear …