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A Meditation on Ratio

What do you think a ratio is? I emphasize “think” because I’d like you to be interested only in the fragmentary pictures conjured by the question—you want to be aware of what you think a ratio is, not what you think you know about ratios, which are two different thinks. …

A row of cups that look like faces.
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You Cannot Not Have Conceptual Understanding

In education, we seem to take some delight in shoveling a confused mix of folksy connotations into sciencey-shelled words and phrases. Some of my colleagues would call the result edujargon, though I think that word allows us to feel too smug about our own obtuseness—as though the problem is that …

Required Readings

Required Readings, 5 September 2013

The mystery of women…in science. Jury sides with deaf medical student. Social media informing college choice. Good morning, teachers and learners! Here are today’s required readings. Mystery of the Missing Women in Science – Natalie Angier examines the stereotypes and barriers to having more girls enter the science fields. Deaf …