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BYU law school troubles, genetic discrimination, anti-science bill roundup, and more: Required Readings, 02.10.16

The American Bar Association is investigating Brigham Young University’s law school for its practice of expelling students who live in same-sex relationships or leave the Mormon faith. Genetic discrimination? A California elementary school tried to transfer a boy because he carries the genetic markers for cystic fibrosis and two other students in the school had …

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Wyoming Rejects NGSS, More Common Core, Take Better Notes: Required Readings 05.11.14

I think we can all agree that when evaluating how well science education policy is being implemented in a state, Kansas is a pretty low bar.   Yet, this week Wyoming made a bold move to duck under the bar.  Citizens of Wyoming slapped their foreheads in unison as their …


It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Extract All Your Coal!

It seems as if there is no end to attacks on science education in the United States. Most often it is evolution that bears the brunt of these attacks, with court cases such as Kitzmiller v Dover, or the evolution hearings held by The Kansas State Board of Education coming …