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Pop Quiz: Liberty and Justice for All

Yesterday Librarienne posted a link in the Tuesday Required Readings about the American Humanist Association launching a campaign to encourage people to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed.  This is a purely academic issue for the vast majority of American citizens.  Beyond school …

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Pledging allegiance, faith-based anti-bullying, challenged books, failing exams, and news literacy: Required Readings 9.9.14

To raise awareness about church-state separation, the American Humanist Association has launched a national campaign to encourage people—including public school students—to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed from it. Campaign materials include information about how parents can talk to children about the issue …

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CCSS Fatigue Being Exploited by Religious Right, Gay Teen Denied Her Senior Yearbook Picture, Pledge Court Decision, Tablet Technology: Required Readings 05.18.14

A new report is out this week from the Southern Poverty Law Center about how the Common Core is being used as a rallying cry for those with ideological opposition to secular, public schools.  The director of the SPLC was interviewed by Salon.com, and she provided a cogent and articulate …

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In Honor of American Independence Day, A Post about How Creepy The Pledge of Allegiance Is. Happy Birthday, America!

I guess I had better start with a disclaimer, though the necessity annoys me: I like America. I mostly like being an American. There are some areas in which we could use an upgrade, no question, but overall I feel fortunate to have been born and raised here. /disclaimer Now …