There is no Easy Way

One of the most common reasons given to justify studying history is to learn from past mistakes so they are not repeated. I’ve never really questioned it because it sounded true, but recently I’ve started to become skeptical of this stance for a few reasons. First, when we look back …

Required Readings

Bloom’s taxonomy, presidential politics and education, evolving science ed, and more: Required Readings, 10.13.16

After a lengthy hiatus thanks to a cross-country move, a new job, and the resulting temporary dearth of spare brain cells, Required Readings has returned! Let’s start out nice and gentle with some pretty (yet educational) pictures: Visually striking depictions of Bloom’s taxonomy of classifying levels of expertise for instruction purposes. …


Students Do Not Need Campus Political Parties to Be Politically Active

This fall, as thousands of new students pile into colleges and universities, they will explore the many clubs and student societies on offer. Many of them will join the youth or student wings of mainstream political parties, which will be especially prominent given the upcoming election in the United States. …

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Harmful teaching in Kansas and Canada, minority homeschoolers, academic closures, and more: Required Readings, 03.01.15

Did March come in like a lamb or a lion where you are? For the “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” file, we have Senate Bill 56, which would allow teachers to be prosecuted for presenting material deemed harmful to minors. The state senate passed the bill Wednesday. Continuing a look at …

sexy PhD costume
Required Readings

Sexy PhDs, deceptive polisci research, neuromyths, value-added modeling, hazing death conviction, and more: Required Readings, 11.2.14

Ladies, Halloween may be past, but you can be prepared for your next costuming occasion with the Sexy PhD ensemble. Be sure to read the product reviews. Three researchers at Dartmouth and Stanford were in a spot of trouble this week thanks to a mailer they sent to voters in California, Montana, and …

Scottish Flag

Scottish Independence Part 4: Why I Will Vote YES

I will vote Yes in this week’s Scottish independence referendum.   I remember the first time I ever got really excited by politics. It was 1997 and Tony Blair’s labour party had just swept aside a Conservative government that had ruled the UK for 18 consecutive years. I was 16 …

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Pop Quiz: School Funding -Smoke ’em if you got ’em

In Pennsylvania there is a huge brouhaha about funding in education. The news is full of how Governor Tom Corbett has drastically cut funding to the schools, which like many things in politics is both true and false at the same time.  So while the pundits yell back and forth …

Michael Gove
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Pop Quiz – The Man Who Hates Teachers

This is Michael Gove.   Michael Gove is the Secretary of State for Education in England, meaning that he is the person in overall charge of the UK Government Department of Education.   Michael Gove has never been a teacher. Before entering politics, he was a journalist who wrote for …

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Required Readings, 13 June 2013

Good morning, teachers and learners! Let’s dig in to today’s required readings. Senators Condemn For-Profit Colleges’ Use of Military Tuition Aid – Is slick marketing taking advantage of vets? Schools fail to challenge the brightest, warns British education inspector – He says there’s a culture of low expectations, though some …

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Pop Quiz: First, we’ll cut education…

Anyone else feel like education gets hit as soon as budgets get tight? Last week, the Chicago public schools announced that they are closing 54 schools in primarily poor African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods. They say it will help deal with a $1 billion deficit and will save over $560 million over the …