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Pop Quiz: The Interrupting Student

Lecture begins and notebooks are open with pens standing by for the inevitable. Focus starts to occur for both me and my students as I lull them into learning by listening to the intricate web that is the Black Hole. As I expound about what it means for something to …

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Pop Quiz: Calling on Students

I suck at calling on students during a classroom discussion. I believe that this is a holdover from my own days as a student when I didn’t raise my hand and I was called on to answer a question.  At those times I could feel a burning rise from my …

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Pop Quiz: Tapas Lectures! Little Bites But Many Portions

This semester I am teaching the worlds most frustrating astronomy college class. It is not the topic that bothers me, nor is it the students. It is not the inadequate book that we use (close second), or the people I work with. Nope. It is none of these things. So …

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Pop Quiz: Woo Hoo!! Spring Break!!

*Disclaimer: Daylight Savings Time has turned me into the walking dead. I have not functioned properly since before the time change. This pop quiz may read like stereo instructions because of this. Sorry. This week is “spring” break for me at most of the colleges I teach at.  Of course …

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Pop Quiz: Videos in the Classroom. How much is too much?

For the courses that I teach sometimes a demo is needed to show the principle that is being discussed. Sometimes that demo can be physical objects that are set into motion, sometimes they are animations, and sometimes they are video clips. There is always some type of lecture before and …

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Pop Quiz: Exam Formats. What Works Best?

This week has been filled with exams for several of the classes I teach. Due to this I got to thinking about test formats. I know a few of my colleagues who teach general education classes who give straight Scan-tron multiple choice exams. According to them it is easier for …

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Pop Quiz: Winter Blues or Springtime Jitters

I have noticed with the recent crap weather that we have been having in the Midwest that my students seem extraordinarily lethargic. I had to set something on fire yesterday just to get them to wake up and answer a question that should have normally been answered quite quickly.  It …

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Pop Quiz: Cell Phones In The Classroom

Howdy, everyone my name is JoDee and I am new to these here parts. I am not sure why I am typing with a western accent like I am some old school cowgirl. Actually, I am a college educator in physics and astronomy so the only thing I wrangle are …

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Pop Quiz: Music in the Classroom

I am Jennifer and this is my official first post on School of Doubt.  I am public school science teacher in Pennsylvania and I without further ado here is today’s pop quiz. This week in my class we measured the densities of various drinks in order to estimate their sugar …

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Pop Quiz: What languages have you studied?

Hey there, skeptical scholars! I got a bit of exciting news this week, as the school at which I took Japanese classes a couple of years ago has invited me back to join an intermediate class (my own cohort all dropped by the end of our first year, so the …